What is E.F.T.?
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A short history of E.F.T.

Negative thoughts and emotions can cause disruptions in the body's energy field.  E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps to realign the body's energy meridians, thereby eliminating imbalances which, in turn, helps the body to repair itself.   

Gary Craig, the creator of E.F.T., has used E.F.T. with his clients on many physical and emotional conditions with great success.  In my professional practice, I have found E.F.T. works well in helping individuals overcome fears/phobias, emotional disorders (PTSD, eating disorders, sleep disturbances, etc.), and can be used with pain management in chronic pain disorders.  

The technique is easily learned and practiced.  The client can learn the method and apply it at his or her own pace to find relief from a number of disorders.  



Call me for more information or to set up a session
The first E.F.T. session begins with instruction.  Initially, we will spend some time going over your specific condition.  Together we will assess your receptivity to this type of treatment and determine the best course of action.  If we determine this is the best way to proceed for your condition, I will give you materials to go over and set up a time that we can begin the protocol.   


Gary Craig, founder of E.F.T.